My name is Sergio Garcia. I was born on june, 1977, in Bogota, Colombia. I love programming, an activity that never ceases to amaze me. My feelings towards programming are well reflected by this quote, by Richard Peter Gabriel: To be alive at the start of a new field – what a treasure. […] We are coming to realize that computing is not like any single other thing people do. It’s a little like science, mathematics, engineering, a little like art, architecture, writing, horticulture, and a lot like a long, unplanned journey.

Besides programming, I enjoy reading about pretty much everything, from fiction to technical documentation and from comics to politics. I lived for seven years in Grenoble, France. As of 2014, I live in Quebec, Qc, Canada, where I work as a computer programmer. I share my life with my wife Andrea and our kids Rafael Arturo and Martín Sebastián.